our tax dollars being wasted.

the city of phoenix put up a billboard on the
north side of indian school just east of 35th
avenue that has a cartoon superhero in the form
of a sewer pipe wearing a cape with a storm drain
on it saying:

   "storm drains are for rain"
   its the law

the bill board list two phone numbers to call

 (602)495-0334 (for spanish speakers)

sounds like a great way for the city of phoenix
to waste our money.

i have a few questions about this:

1) how many of these billboards has the
   city of phoenix put up. and how much
   money was spent on it?

2) what department in the city designed this
   silly bill board and how much of our tax
   dollars did it cost?

3) why did the city of phoenix put this billboard up?
   are suddenly millions of people putting
   something other then rain water in the
   citys storm drains?

4) just what is the board supposed to tell the
   public? if their is some message i just dont
   get it.

5) are the billboards working as planned?
   are millions of phoenix residents calling
   the two numbers given and respoing to the
   billboard ads?

6) just what law is the billboard refering to?
   is their a state law that makes it illegal
   for anything but rain water to enter a
   storm drain? or perhaps has the city of
   phoenix just passed a stupid law making
   anything that enters its storm drains but
   water illegal?

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